Faculty Scientists

The SDFRC provides an organization where some of the nation’s leading dairy research scientists can interact and apply their varied expertise in basic and applied fields toward dairy research in microbiology/cultures, biochemistry/enzymes, chemistry/preservatives/flavor, and engineering/processing.

Christopher R. Daubert, NC State, Rheology

MaryAnne Drake, SDFRC Director, NC State, Dairy Processing, Sensory, Microbiology

Allen Foegeding, NC State, Protein Functionality, Rheology

Todd Klaenhammer, NC State, Microbial Genetics, Lactic Acid Bacteria

Rodolphe Barrangou, NC State, Microbial Genetics, CRISPR – Cas

Clint Stevenson, NC State, Training Customization and Evaluation, Distance Education

Haotian Zheng, NC State, Food Chemistry, Dairy Technology